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Folding Sliding Doors

Folding sliding door system

EKS is the only UK fabricator of the Solarlux SL60 folding sliding doors, providing excellent thermal performance and weather rating,
with a foam filled profile core, which has brought heat insulation to high standards, to comply with the latest building regulations.

Click on image below to see indication of the operation of a typical SL60

Key Features:

  • All locking mechanisms are concealed in the profiles
  • Both rollers and guide rails are flush-mounted into the system
  • A double layer of EPDM sealing for protection against rain and draughts is provided all the way round
  • Gliding brush seal with flexible plastic edging
  • Standard glazing consisting of 4mm clear toughened glass - 16mm argon filled cavity - 4mm clear toughened glass with a low E coat (centre pane value 1.2 W/m.K)
  • System can accommodate various glazing widths
  • Special glazing is available on request.
  • Low-maintenance.

Matching window profiles and other accessories allow more complicated constructions such as integrated fan lights and fixed panels.



The SL60 is available in many different configurations - Download configurations


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